PV, Thank You For Your Help

Almost everyday I receive e-mails from my subscribers saying: “Thank you PV for your help” and today I want to let you know about a message I received some days ago. Here it is:

Dear Reymond,

Thanks for your kind full Information. I have read your ebook and articles. You are very specific and your writing is very needful. I have read many ebooks and articles about online business marketing but I did not find as like as your information. Your information is very honest and meaningful.

I am very happy to have found you. I have some knowledge about online business but I am real newbie. I have a blog, so Please Reymond, help me to do business as like as yours.

Before that I tell you my frustrating experience my name is Sawpon from Bangladesh. I am a Web Designer and working in a daily English news paper. Since 1999 I have been trying and analyzing about Internet business but that time this business was maximum scam.

Of course now days scam is running, in 2003 I invested money, about 400 to 500 dollars and I was lost money. Even I went to India to sign up in those companies (American) because from our country we can’t purchase through our credit card and Paypal does not allow our country.

Some countries are not as develop as our country but they are permitted. So when I purchase anything  online I use my friend’s card that lives in USA or India . From our country do any kind of online business is very difficult.

I have paypal account which I use my friend’s address and from that account I cannot not send money cause I have no foreign credit card. My paypal account actually is not workable.

I can do business only with those companies who give payout through check. Actually I am trying to express my situation, anyway, I thought I was very impractical.

In July 2007, after four years, I saw that many people do online business and make money without investment. I was searching it out and decided to do online business.

Reymond, firstly I am telling you that my English is not very well but I am trying to develop my skill. I am giving my full effort, Reymond, do you have some suggestion for me, please give me. I have a blog, everyday I am planning to develop my blog but I can’t proceed, firstly how do I proceed?

Reymond, would you please help me to step by step? I need your help. If you, then I am grateful to you my whole life. I have a dedication and devotion but I stuck on the front of path, I know I will have to  struggle and put effort to do this business but I know I will. Reymond, please don’t bother for my email.

Another thing I did not tell you of my spiritual life. May next time I will tell you but now something I tell you that I am long time practitioner about Meditation. And I have a power to solve others any type of problems, my problem is, I am not solving my own problem specially, money problem. Ok that’s all for today. Thanks again. Take care. All THE BEST.

Best Regards,


Now I am going to do everything I can to help this person, and if you have an idea, please feel free to post it here.

PV Reymond

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  1. spending economy
    5 years ago

    Good title, PV, Thank You For Your Help | Internet Marketing: Your Stairway To Heaven, I could not resist commenting. Perfectly written! I need to tell you thanks for your work.