Make More Money Repurposing Your Stuff

Repurposing is the method that turns your old outdated books, articles and material into new resources that you can sell again as new.

Well, this is the method where you convert your text book, or audio recordings into any other form of communication like audio or video, or vice versa. This method is highly used in interior designing business where, one item is taken and repurposed into any other item.

You simply have to find multiple use of single entity. Like you can take a glass vessel and use it as a flower pot. This might seem little extravagant but this is what I call challenging the norms.

Repurposing is all about finding multiple use of single product. If you can use your book, audio, video or any other thing in various ways then you are repurposing that product. Repurposing is everywhere and can be done with almost anything.

Suppose you wrote a book few years back which promoted your product and you even earned some good amount of money with it. But now you may see that your book might not be a viable option to promote your product. Now, more and more people are moving on to audio and video while few numbers of people still resort to reading books.

You can choose either to sell your old book with new format and printing or can repurpose it into an audio and video interactive application and use it as promotion product. Since every market brings plethora of business opportunity, in same way repurposing your e-book exposes your service to all those people who would hardly find your e-book and read it.

Though you can repurpose or change your book to text or almost anything but you should learn some basics of these method to stay ahead in the industry.

Pass out the message: 

Never forget to give the message you want to convert through your new product. Remember, you are only changing the format of your already successful product. So, try to stick to the point that was discussed in your previous product.

Create a viral feeling:

Book may not be as viral as audio and video applications. People link and share to them easily and if they find that your point is strong then they are surely going to share it with their friends. This will bring more exposure to your product.

Be creative: 

You don’t have to stick to the single format of repurposing. You can convert your old book, audio, video, text, picture into almost anything that you deem fit. Use your common sense and turn it up to some massive promotional product.

These are few ways you can repurpose your product. There are many other ways and standard to repurposing and it just start all with your imagination. In fact you can create a whole new empire of wealth with simply repurposing an old set of book. Let your mind free and think of those crazy ideas you can use to repurpose.

So, if you have some old stuff now you know how to make more money repurposing it. Start repurposing your old stuff RIGHT NOW!

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