Basics of Internet Marketing

 I’ve worked in several industries, advertising, music, sports, and others. I’ve enjoyed most of them and learned different things. Each industry is unique but there are several lessons I’ve learned – that you will never be great unless you take risks and think outside the box. I also learned that before you even think outside the box, you need to know what’s in the box. And Internet Marketing  is not an exception.

Know the rules… know the basics… then you can go crazy and experiment as much as you want. You won’t, of course, know the basics by reading a couple of blogs. You need to actually do internet marketing first. Chances are, you will make a lot of mistakes but that’s part of the learning process. There’s nothing you can ever do anything about it.

What this blog can do is give you some basic pointers that work for me and other internet marketers. Whether or not this will work for you too will depend on how you use them.

Internet Marketing Tip #1: Be Patient, Be Consistent

Introducing a product, starting a campaign, having a successful blog, and practically doing anything successful on the web all takes time.

Even when you have thousands of dollars for ads, hits are hard to come by because if you don’t know what you are doing you’ll end up with a few clicks and at the end of the day you’ll burn all that money. So having a lot of money to invest to generate traffic is not enough to grow a successful business, the fundamental component for the building of any successful business is skills and to develop these skills you need time

The same for free traffic, search will play a big part in pushing traffic to your site or campaign and it takes time for you get on Google’s crosshair. You need to give Google time to find you. If you freeze before it finds you, you’ll blow your chances.

Also keep in mind that other campaigns are being launched everyday and other marketers are trying out new things everyday. You are competing against millions and no matter how good your campaigns or how good you are, there is someone else out there that’s better. What you can do is be consistently present every time you get the opportunity to win an audience.

Internet Marketing Tip #2: Numbers Matter

Pay attention to your analytics, pay attention to those surveys, pay attention to those audience numbers because they matter. When you know what country is most attracted to your site, it will give you a chance to adjust your site to attract more clicks or participation from that country and form other countries that are not giving you much attention.

If you know what gender buys more products from you, you will be able to evaluate what you are doing that’s favoring that gender. You can use all this information in your current or future campaigns. If you know what time of day you get more participation, you may be able to come up with time-based tactics to get these people to recommend your campaign to their friends.

Creativity is important in Internet marketing and so are numbers.

Internet Marketing Tip #3: Know Your Target Market

Knowing your audience is female is a start. Knowing your audience is female 18 to 30 years old is progress. Knowing your audience is female, 18 to 35, Americans who are working in other countries shows you have some direction. Knowing your audience is female, 18 to 35, Americans who are working in other countries and are single is good. Knowing your audience is female, 18 to 35, Americans who are working in other countries, single, and don’t own a car is better.

Knowing your audience is female, 18 to 35, Americans who are working in other countries, single, don’t own a car, and is connected to the internet at least eight hours a day is way better. Knowing your audience is female, 18 to 35, Americans who are working in other countries, single, don’t own a car, connected to the internet 12 hours a day, and check out celebrity and sports sites… now that’s knowing your target market.

It’s not enough but it’s a good start. Knowing who they are, what they do, and what they like will also allow you to speak their language, give them the right offer and dangle the right carrot for them to bite.

Internet Marketing Tip #4: Learn How to Monitor Social Media

There is still no better indication of trends and future trends than social media. It is still where you will find most people at their most candid most of the time. Yes, there are “bogus personalities” out there who post and say things just for the heck of it but compared to all other channels, social networking sites will still provide you with the most relevant market data.

Read your prospects and friends’ status updates, look at the memes they are forwarding, check your stumbleupon account, look at what’s on huffington posts, check out the images your friends are posting, check out the top hits on youtube, and others. These pieces of information, thought they might not be relevant now, will be in future.

Last Words

Name any great marketing campaign and I can assure you that it was or is successful because of one thing and one thing alone, they concentrated on consumer benefit.

People are selfish. That’s the reality for the matter and that means they will not do anything unless they know they will get something out of it. Concentrate and be clear on what your customers will get if they participate on your campaign. Remember, it’s not about you or your product. It’s about your customers.

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